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For those who grew up watching American musicals such as Grease, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, and Fiddler on the Roof, musical theater is nothing new. American interest in the musical film genre can be felt in the power of Disney musicals like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast which became live action stage productions. The Indian musical film – a genre that is popular throughout the industry – is very similar to these.

Indian film music permeates the culture and is just as important as the film itself, so soundtracks have their own special launch dates prior to the film release dates. Music videos from films are posted on prior to and after film releases to generate audience interest. It is not unusual for choreographed numbers to have tens or hundreds of dancers performing in the background, accompanying the stars in their dance steps.

Indian film composers, background singers, and choreographers are just as famous as film actors and directors because Indian film offers melodies that resonate and entertaining dance moves that encourage viewers to shake a leg (or a shoulder). there are many outstanding actors who deliver awe-inspiring dance performances and watching them convinces you that anyone can (and should) dance.

Lack of language skills isn’t a deterrent to enjoying Indian musicals – sometimes the richest experiences can be found beyond the lyrics solely in the emotion of the musical composition.