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If you are new to Bollywood, you must put aside any preconceived notions about Indian film. India is a country living in several centuries simultaneously and Indian films reflect this rich diversity of lifestyle, culture, landscape and community in creative ways.

Technological advances in filmmaking along with more creative storytelling put many recently-released Indian films on equal footing with Hollywood films. While Indian film locations are used extensively, some films take you to sites in countries beyond India including the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Iceland, Cuba, Turkey, the Czech Republic and even the United States.

The rise of the Internet has expanded the marketing and distribution channels, enabling Indian films to truly reach global audiences. Indian actors have reached superstar status and have multi-million member fanbases throughout the world. What’s even more striking is that Indians seems to know more about American culture than Americans know about Indian culture – and this is often reflected in Indian films in subtle ways.