Current Bollywood News & Movies

While most people are familiar with Hindi films produced from Mumbai studios, there are vibrant Indian film industries in other languages (and locations) around India including Tamil (Chennai), Telugu (Hyderabad), and Malayalam (Kerala), just to name a few. Each of these film studios has their own style and they celebrate their own films and cinematic superstars as uniquely theirs.

In some cases, Indian actors are fluent in multiple languages and their filmography includes films in a variety of industries around the country. Some really creative stories originate in the film studios outside of Bollywood. When a film is successful in one regional studio, the film may be recreated by another studio in their own language, style, and with their own actors.

We are also seeing studios simultaneously release their big budget films in multiple languages to reach multiple markets.

Unfortunately, not all regional films are available in the global marketplace but hopefully that will soon change.